This halo round the body is called the aura.

Aura max



According to the theory of Fritz-Albert Popp, the German biophysics researcher, the human body is constituted by light with a constant emission of biophotons all around which can be captured as a coloured shade in the pictures taken with special optical equipment like the Kirlian Camera. This halo round the body is called the aura.

you may see the photographs (picture 1 & 2 below) taken with kirlian camera an unique W.H.O recongnized device that captures the energy field around an object that is invisible to the naked eye. you may find it in the form of a coloured luminous ring scattered around the object,showing the 7 'chakras' or the energy centered in the human body.

Picture 2 (taken without using any auramax grid or locket)

Chakras numbered 2,3,4,5 & 6 are not aligned in the central vertical axis indicating an imbalance with an estimated 11149 (60%) Aura strength. So you become an easy target of negative forces around you that cause various physical and mental diseases like.

Low immunity, Pains, several common chornic diseases, Allergies, gastric and diagestive problems.

indecisiveness, negative thoughts, defeatist approach.

Mental stress, fatigue, suicideal tendencies and disharmony with people around.

setback in personal or professional life, financial crisis,continuous failures in business ventures etc.,

Restlessness, nagging fear, hallucinations, bizarre experience at home and other intractable problems.

Picture 1 (Taken with the auramax grid and locket)

A uniform and streamlined energy field is seen around the human body with all the chakras or the energy spots neatly aligned along the central vertical axis. And that is not all. Here the aura strength has also registered a sharp rise to 16529 (92%) which indicates a protective shield that wards off all negative forces listed above, and that means you get rid of most of above intractable problems, diseases or disorders.

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Geopathic stress, Defective vasthu, Eye thrusti (Evil Eye) spirits, Movement of eveil spirits, Black magic / abusive words from adversaries etc
The neutralization of all negative is the only way to protect the Aura. This can be effectively done by Auramax - Aura Shield Therapy Grid and Auramax Aura Shield Therapy Locket the result of 15yrs of intensive research by a team of scientists with the able guidance from Shri P.N. PARTHIBAN an Aura Shield Therapy Researcher. Auramax contains 56 rare earth minerals each posses unique frequency with extraordinary powers
Auramax constantly emits human-friendly Schumann Waves at a frequency of 7.83Hz which creates a protective shield in and around the Auramax Locket wearer and which repels negative radiations all around. This emission fine-tunes the place / body's biorhythm and optimizes all metabolic functions at the cellular level itself. And many feels the result within 24 hours after start using the Auramax Products