This halo round the body is called the aura.

Aura max


Auramax: Dos and Don'ts for the wearer of Auramax Locket :

The thread tied to the locket must be changed once in 3 months.

Idols/pictures of deities must be kept east-facing and those of gurus or ancestors must be kept north-facing.

Wear Auramax all the 24 hours a day. However, it must be removed while taking bath and worn again after bath

Try to avoid to keep any picture of dieties or spiritual gurus or saints, yantras or tailsman in your wallet or handbag.

Do not bring any magnetic substance, pendant or cards with magnetic strip close to Auramax

Try to avoid· wearing jewellery with diamond or any Gemstones or Rudraksha or Spatika Mala etc.,

Different Models of Auramax and its benefits:

Model 1:

GMAG - General Macro Grid
A Must for every Home and Business place or wealth generating place.

Model 2:

GMAL - General Macro Locket
Those who have not used any Grid must need this model.

Model 3:

GNAL - General Nano Locket
Those who have the protection of Grid in his House / Business place, to enhance the key person’s energy further, this GNAL is needed.

However the above restrictions is not applicable while using Auramax Grid Alone.